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Gourmet Cookies in Provo, Utah

Chip Cookies in Provo Utah, Gourmet Cookies in Utah, Cookie Shop in Provo Utah

Chip Cookies Provo

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Mon - Thurs  |  11 AM - 10 PM
Fri - Sat | 11 AM - 12 AM
Closed Sundays
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470 N Freedom Blvd
Provo, UT 84601


This Week's Chip Flavors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your cookies contain wheat/dairy/nuts or other allergens?

Chip cookies are not baked in an allergen-free environment. Our products are not recommended for those with severe allergies as they may contain or be prepared in a facility with eggs, milk, wheat, soy and nuts.

How long does the order take to deliver?

Our average time is between 30 and 45 minutes. We strive to get your cookies to you as soon as possible -- and still warm and fresh. If you're in a pinch and can't wait for a delivery, you can drop by one of our locations and pick up instead.

Do you take pre-orders?

We accept pre-orders for delivery and catering.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are always looking for some homies who don't mind staying up late. You can shoot us your resume at and we'll check it out.