Best of Utah 2017

What makes Utah great? No, not in the red baseball cap kind of way, but in its essence? I recently found myself pondering this when my 21-year-old nephew came to visit. Looking around at the doltish "This establishment is licensed as a ..."

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Kari and Nikola celebrated with Chip Cookies, a company that delivers massive chocolate chip cookies right to your door. You can order your cookie delivery by going to

Milk and Cookies Right Your Front Door - Salt Lake magazine

Chip Cookies, the brainchild of Stephen and Sarah Wirthlin ("and family," adds Sarah), is a breathtakingly simple idea: four chocolate chip cookies, delivered warm to your door until 2 a.m.

How to get freshly baked cookies delivered to your door

Do you love homemade cookies but hate the mess that comes with baking them yourself? We have the perfect solution for you, and it's called Chip. Chip is a family business founded by husband and wife duo Sean and Sarah Wilson, and Sarah's brothers Stephen and Chris Wirthlin.

Startup with BYU ties delivering cookies to doorsteps and stadium seats

Sara Jane George PROVO - Four BYU entrepreneurs are hoping to deliver cookies to spectators watching the Cougars play this fall. Chip, an up-and-coming business that prides itself on delivering warm cookies to customers, will be featured in LaVell Edwards Stadium during BYU football games this fall.

Chip, a cookie delivery business, expands into Boise

BOISE, ID - From pizza to packages, folks are used to getting items delivered straight to their door. Now, a new company is adding cookies to the list. Utah-based "Chip" has expanded into Boise. The company delivers fresh, gourmet chocolate chip cookies straight to your door up until 2 a.m.

Midnight Munchies? Look No Further

Have a late-night case of the munchies? Look no further than Five Sushi Brothers and Chip Cookies, two Provo start-ups with hours to satisfy the most dedicated night owls-even those hungry at 2 a.m. Straight from the Oven Siblings Christopher L. Wirthlin ('20), Stephen B.