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Party desserts to feed a crowd!

Party desserts to feed a crowd!

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Hosting a party soon? Let’s talk about the perfect party desserts to bring. Whether it’s a barbecue, pool party, casual get together, fancy night out, or anything in between, there is always one common question: What dessert should I bring to the party? Well, we have the perfect solution for you: Chip Cookies! We are the original gourmet cookie company and we have the perfect desserts to bring to any party. 

If you aren’t familiar with Chip, we have been baking the best cookies in the world since 2016. We opened our doors in Provo, Utah and have been growing ever since. Chip was the first gourmet cookie delivery company and started a revolution in the cookie industry.  After our founders were pregnant with their first child and craved cookies late into the night, they knew chip was something everyone needed in their lives. As we’ve continued to grow, our cookies have not only fulfilled the cravings of pregnant women all over, but have become a staple and must for dessert parties. 

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When hosting and planning a party, the list of to-dos is long and endless. And on top of every list is the question, ‘what should I make for dessert?’ Because let's be honest, it's everyone's favorite part of a meal. Let us take this task off your list! Plus, who wants to try out a new recipe or slave away in the kitchen all day trying to bake in bulk! And not to mention when you try a new recipe and in the end the party dessert doesn’t even turn out. Has this ever happened to you? We assure you, nothing is more frustrating than spending all day on a recipe that turns out terribly. And the mess. Oh the mess that baking creates in any kitchen. Whether it’s spilled flour or egg shells all over the counter, baking your party desserts can take as much time as cleaning up the mess. So let us save you from the mess and hours baking! 

Now that you are delegating the party desserts to us, let’s talk about the different options we offer. At Chip we only make cookies. Yes, some people are shocked to learn we are a bakery that only makes one product, but that’s what makes our cookies so great. We focus on quality and ensuring you walk away saying that was the best cookie you’ve ever had. In fact, when Chip first opened it’s doors, we only had one type of cookie on our menu, chocolate chip of course. Again, our focus has always been on quality and providing the best dessert you can find. We have since added a few chip cookie favorites to the menu as well as some fun rotating flavors to keep things fun!

Here are some options for your party desserts! We have three original flavors, we call our fan favorites, that are featured on the menu permanently:

  1. The OG:  our signature gourmet award-winning chocolate chip cookie (We also have a mini version of our OG, a perfect dessert if you are hosting some mini guests at your party)
  2. The sugar chip:  our signature sugar chip cookie topped with our famous cream cheese frosting + topped with sprinkles (it’s a party in your mouth)
  3. The biscoff chip: a gourmet chip cookie made with biscoff cookies, white chocolate chips + stuffed with biscoff cookie butter (this one is a MUST for any party, trust us)

In addition to our permanent fan favorite flavors, we also rotate our specialty cookie flavors weekly. Each specialty flavor is based on the season as well as holidays during that time period. Some of the cookie flavors include the red velvet chip around valentine’s day, cadbury chip around easter time, and peppermint joe joe around christmas. These rotating flavors are always delicious and keep our customers on the edge of their seats when we announce the upcoming flavor every sunday evening via social media. How fun would it be to bring these specialty flavors to an upcoming party you are having? It brings that festive fun that every host is looking for when planning their event.

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At Chip, we are also known for how large our cookies are. Every single cookie is made from scratch using the finest ingredients available and hand rolled in our signature chip dough roll. We've designed this perfect technique to ensure that our enormous cookies bake to perfection the chip way - crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle. The size of our cookies was always intended to bring people together. To feed a crowd and give you an excuse to call up a friend or family to share the chip goodness. Our cookies were meant to be at every party around. 

Another way we love to serve chip at parties is to scoop delicious vanilla bean ice cream right on top of our warm gooey chip cookie. This magically delicious dessert is what we call the CHIPzookie. We sell these CHIPzookies during the summer months, but if you can’t wait until then, you can create this crowd pleasing dessert yourself! Our favorite is vanilla ice cream on the OG, but any combination will blow your guests away. This is a perfect combination of a warm and cold dessert. The creamy vanilla ice cream soaks into the OG chip cookie and creates the perfect melt in your mouth dessert. Serve the CHIPzookie at your party and we guarantee it will be a hit your guests will never forget.

We also make getting your party desserts easy and fast. At chip, we have nationwide shipping, local delivery, pick-up, and catering. If you decide that you don’t want to bother going into the store to pick up your party desserts - DON’T WORRY! We can bring the fresh chip cookies right to your door. Since we are the original gourmet cookie delivery company, we have been delivering food before grubhub had any grub to deliver. We are constantly delivering small and large orders to everyone around Utah and Idaho. We have seven locations across Utah and Idaho, so almost everyone has access to our warm, delicious, fresh cookies. 

What if you don’t live in Utah? NO PROBLEM! This is why we have nationwide shipping. We wanted to make sure that everyone around the country can have chip at their events and parties, so we decided to make that happen! We ship all of our chip flavors everywhere around the country. They are baked fresh at our chip locations, packaged so that they stay fresh, and shipped right to your door. They arrive in only a short two days from ordering so they are guaranteed to be fresh when you receive them in the mail. Each shipment includes directions for how to warm up your cookies or store so they stay fresh and perfect for your party! You can order them on our website here! 

If you have a large order and want to ensure we have the quantity of cookies you need for a large gathering, we have an amazing catering team that can make that happen! Our team can handle all the catering needs so you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying our award winning cookies. At chip, a catering order is anything over 50 regular sized cookies or 100 mini cookies. When you order in bulk you get them for a discounted rate as well. How great is that? A party dessert that everyone loves and for a great price? We have catered a variety of different events including, birthdays, baby showers, business conventions, and even sporting events. It truly is the perfect party dessert for any crowd, large or small. You can find our catering information here

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If you have a party and need less than 50 chip cookies, you can head into any of our seven bakery locations.  We have modern, clean, amazing storefronts all around Utah and Idaho. From the chip customer service, to the delicious cookie smell, the store locations are a fun and inviting experience. Many people take pictures in front of our “chip happens” sign and post them on social media. We get so many reviews about how customers feel loved every time they enter our stores. We value customer service at chip so much, and know that you will feel the chip love any time you enter into our stores. Want to know if there’s a chip location near you? You can check here. 

Want another exciting reason that you should bring chip to your next upcoming party? We are very excited to announce that we have started franchising! This is something that we have been working on for years, preparing and creating a brand that is beloved and ready to grow all around the world. This is great news for any one hosting a party, If you are having a party soon and want to pick up chip locally, but don’t have a location near you, stay tuned for more locations coming soon! We cannot wait to be able to be at every fun party around the world. 

If we haven’t given you enough reasons to bring chip to your next party, here is another one. Chip has been voted best of state cookie three different times as well as best bakery in Utah and Idaho. In states that love their dessert and sweets, this has been a huge honor and accomplishment. And the best part about bringing these award winning cookies to your party, you can pretend you baked them! SHH! Ha! We will let you take the credit and your guests will be delighted by your amazing baking skills and perfect party desserts!

We can all agree that food brings loved ones together, especially when it is food that everyone loves. Food (specifically dessert) brings happiness to everyone. This is something that chip is known for, in fact it is our motto, delivering happiness. So deliver happiness to your party guests at your next event in the form of our gooey warm cookies. Whether it’s for a party or holiday celebration, these desserts will be crowd-pleasers at every gathering. So next time your planning a party, don't forget, chip is the answer every single time to all of your party dessert needs. Be the hostess with the mostest and get your chip order in now! 

the OG

PS - here are a few fun and easy serving tips:

  • Try placing your cookies on a stacking platter for fun events like weddings or baby showers. Add some beautiful fresh flowers to add the perfect touch and wow your guests. 
  • Individually wrap the cookies in self adhesive bags or mini boxes with customized stickers for the perfect party gift or take away. 
  • If you want to serve your cookies warm, cover in a paper towel and heat for 8-12 seconds in the microwave. 
  • Serve cold milk in a beautiful glass pitcher to elevate the party or pour milk in mugs and place the cookies on top for easy eating and the perfect pairing 

Chip chip hooray! Have the best party!

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