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Chip cookies - the original gourmet cookie delivery company

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Chip Cookies is the original gourmet cookie delivery company. We specialize in warm, fresh, gourmet cookies delivered right to your door. Our slogan is delivering happiness, and that is what we strive to do every day. Our gourmet cookie company was born out of pregnancy cravings and continues to fulfill our customers cravings.

When we started chip, our goal was to create the best gourmet cookies in the world. Our focus has been on quality from day one, sourcing the finest and tastiest ingredients we could get our hands on.  At chip, we make our cookies by hand, daily, rolling every single dough ball in our signature chip roll.  We never use preservatives, only fresh high end ingredients. Each batch of cookies is made from scratch in small quantities, and hand scooped. We ensure a homemade taste and texture. We love to hear that when our customers eat chip, they have a nostalgic feeling of eating warm, homemade, chocolate chip cookies straight from their own ovens. 

At Chip, we make gourmet cookies right. Our cookies range from the original gourmet chocolate chip cookies, (the OG as we call it) to specialty gourmet cookies. We love to have both the classic cookies, as well as fun fancy cookies. We want there to be an option for everyone, to make sure that everyone finds something they love. We always have three permanent cookies at chip. These are

The OG - our signature gourmet award-winning chocolate chip cookie (this also comes in a mini version!)
The biscoff chip - gourmet chip cookie made with biscoff cookies, white chocolate chips + stuffed with biscoff cookie butter
The sugar chip - our signature sugar chip cookie topped with our famous cream cheese frosting + topped with sprinkles


biscoff chipsugar chip

We also have a specialty flavor that we switch out weekly. These are a bit more fancy than the classic chocolate chip cookie, mixing in exciting new flavors and ingredients. We have perfected over 100 specialty flavors. Our customers are constantly awaiting the new weekly cookie, and follow our social media closely so they do not miss any announcement of the cookies. We typically choose specialty flavors based on the season, holidays, or time of year. Some of our customer favorites include, 

The cadbury chip - a warm gourmet chip cookie made with cadbury mini eggs + white and milk chocolate chips 
Cookies + cream chip - a warm gourmet chip cookie made with oreos + white chocolate chips
Red velvet chip - a warm gourmet red velvet chip cookie made with white chocolate chips + a homemade cream cheese frosting

cookies and cream chip

red velvet chipcadbury chip

 Our gourmet cookies are not only the perfect treat for any cravings you may be having, but also for a variety of events. Our catering team works with you to plan the perfect dessert for any gathering, from a small get together with friends to large corporate events. Our warm gourmet cookies are guaranteed to delight any guest, even the pickiest of guests. Chip has won best gourmet cookie and bakery in several states, and it sure to win over all of your party or events guests. 

We take pride in our gourmet cookies and can’t wait for you to try our award winning chocolate chip cookie, as well as all of our fun specialty flavors. Get your gourmet chip delivered hot and fresh to your door NOW!

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