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chip catering | gifting

need the perfect dessert for your next event or a sweet way to say thank you? chip specializes in #deliveringhappiness in a big way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your cookies contain wheat/dairy/nuts or other allergens?

Chip cookies are not baked in an allergen-free environment. Our products are not recommended for those with severe allergies as they may contain or be prepared in a facility with eggs, milk, wheat, soy and nuts.

What's the minimum order for chip catering

50 cookies is the minimum order for chip cookies catering. For smaller orders, please visit one of chip's locations, order local delivery, or schedule nationwide shipping.

What flavors does chip have for catering?

chip's catering includes our weekly rotating flavor + our fan-favorite permanent flavors: the OG chocolate chip cookie, Biscoff chip, and sugar chip. Chip also offers 9-count mini options of the OG and sugar chip!


Their cookies are HUGE and always fresh. The og chocolate chip is incredible as well as there always-changing specialty cookies!

I come here often to buy cookies for my students, and come here even more often to buy the cookies for myself, friends, neighbors, and anyone I want to show appreciation to!

Amazing service, the cookies are to die for.