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Cookies & Cream Chip — May 2020

it’s back! the JTM #cookiesandcreamchip is the second may #COTM flavor
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Choconut Chip — May 2020

Collaborator: Gobert of the Utah Jazz

Gourmet Chip Cookie made with Oreo's + white chocolate chips and topped with crushed Oreo's

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Chocolate PB — March 2020

gourmet chip cookie made with chocolate + peanut butter
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Biscoff Chip — March 2020

Collaborator: Courtney — @cakebycourtney

gourmet chip cookie made with crushed biscoff cookies, white chocolate chips and stuffed with biscoff cookie butter

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Sugar Chip — February 2020

Collaborator: Very Jane  — @veryjane

gourmet sugar cookie base rolled in sugar and topped with gourmet cream cheese frosting, topped with a custom #chip conversation heart

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Red Velvet — February 2020

Collaborator: Georges Niang — @georgesniang

gourmet chip cookie made with cocoa, white chocolate chips + cream cheese frosting to dip

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Fruity Pebble Chip

Collaborator: Rags to Raches — @ragstoraches

gourmet chip cookie made with fruity pebbles + white chocolate chips

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Hot Cocoa Chip — January 2020

made with our favorite local hot chocolate, Stephen’s, and stuffed with white chocolate chips + marshmallows
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Snickerdoodle Chip — December 2019

Collaborator: Two Peas and Pod — @twopeasandpod

a classic snickerdoodle cookie rolled in cinnamon + sugar and baked to perfection

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Peppermint Joe Joe Chip — December 2019

Collaborator: Kelsey Nixon — @kelseynixon

made with peppermint, @traderjoes candy cane joe joes + white chocolate chips

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Pumpkin Nutella Chip — November 2019

gourmet chip cookie made with real pumpkin, chocolate chips and stuffed with nutella

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Toffee Chip — November 2019

Collaborator: Cara & Tom Fox — @the_fox_group_

gourmet chip cookie made with toffee, semi-sweet chips and topped with a sprinkle of maldon sea salt

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Oatmeal M&M Chip — October 2019

gourmet chip cookie made with oatmeal, mini M&Ms and our signature milk chocolate chips

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Reese's Chip — October 2019

Collaborator: Oakley Peterson — @nothingdownaboutit

the classic reese's chip is back, made with reese's peanut butter m&m's, creamy peanut butter, and chocolate

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S'mores Chip — July 2019


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